Australian Fashion Week: What I Wore Day Three

Bec & Bridge - Denim - MBFWA - Style - Fashion Week - Mon Purse
Bec & Bridge - MBFWA - Fashion Week - Denim
Levis - Denim - MBFWA - Style Blog
Levis - Denim - Bec & Bridge - MBFWA

Wearing: Bec & Bridge Top, Levis Jeans, Mon Purse Bag, Sempre Di Boots

Navy Blue open back tops don't get much better than this Bec & Bridge piece. Talk about being modest with a little bit of Baby Got Back! Mid-week and the heels had to come off - my feet were literally screaming at me after all the running around to shows!


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Photography by Bella Mamas 

Why You Should Wear Black on Black


Black on Black on Black

mbfwa - dion lee - fashion week - all black
dion lee - mbfwa - runway - fashion week
dion lee - mbfwa - style blog - black blazer

Wearing: Dion Lee Blazer, Dion Lee Skirt, Ray-Ban Sunglasses, Mon Purse Bag, Witchery Heels 

Day Two of Fashion Week (outfit #2) and.... Classic. The items I ordered online didn't come in time. But, to be honest I couldn't be more pleased. This outfit was a last minute 'sh*t what am I going to wear?' freakout! :P Ironically turning out to be my favourite of the week! 

Black on Black is such a classic look that will consistently get you out of trouble, every time! :P

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Photography by Bella Mamas