School Bus Yellow


 Little bursts of school bus yellow spread all over the hinterland brighting up a few rainy weeks!  


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The 1996 Zodiac

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”  Howard Thurman

Wearing - Realisation  
Drinking - H2O

Art Work -  William Pittman Andrews, Amanda Shadforth, Pinterest  
Photos - Ben
Editing and Styling  - Monica Bestek

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The Slip Dress

ootd - style - slip dress
outfit - monicabestek - style - ootd
style - monicabestek - slip dress
ootd - style - slip dress
ootd - style - slip dress

Wearing: Silk Laundry Slip Dress, Acne White Tee, Zara Bag, Larsson & Jennings Watch, Senso Slides

Hello silly season and extra hot summer weather! I'm currently back home for the holidays visiting the family for good O'l Christmas! This slip dress has been an absolute lifesaver - from running around town grabbing last minute gifts, sipping on iced lattes, to dinner and a few glasses of red accompanied by some late night laughs! I hope my friends you're having a few drinks and keeping it cool! 

Merry Christmas little Munchkins!


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Keep Cool

Keep it simple.

Wearing: Levi's 501, Sir the Label Top, Senso Slides, Zara Bag 

Keep yourself looking and feeling fresh by investing in key linen pieces for your summer wardrobe! The trick to winning in summer is keeping it cool and simple! 



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