I strongly believe in and love supporting brands that have an amazing story. When I read about a brand and the story that goes with their product I can’t help but share.

Winson Kai Lam is a twenty-two year old that runs a fashion label of the same name as well as a clothing manufacturing company: Envisage Clothing. Branching off from this is NVSG, a designer sportswear and team wear brand with which Lam has produced a limited edition series of sweaters named: The Forever Sweater. "The Forever Sweater concept is all about nostalgia, on a melancholy level” says Lam. The sweaters are crafted from the remnants of a once thriving, but now regrettably closed Australian knitting mill.

'Forever sweaters are a throw back to the 90's quality sweaters they used to make. Quality Australian Fleece, sewn and cut in Brisbane, Australia. Designed with the nostalgic fit of yesteryear, ready for the memories of today's millennial'. The fascinating story continues with the history of the mill.

"The [mill] was originally established by Mr Leon Lehrer as a manufacturer of garments and flat knitted fabrics. Over the next twenty-eight years the company [shifted] away from making garments to specialising in the manufacture of circular knitted fabrics and with the acquisition of Universal Dyers in 1980, a fully integrated knitting, dyeing and finishing company was established.

Sadly from end August 2013, the Company ceased knitting, dyeing and finishing fabrics in the Botany plant. The continued shift of garment manufacturing to countries other than Australia significantly impacted on their business to the point that it was no longer sustainable to continue knitting, dyeing and finishing in Botany. Some customers sourced fabrics and commission dyeing with the Company in excess of fifty years!

A sad end for an amazing Australian mill however an appropriate send off as one of the last fabric rolls was purchased and Lams vision was crafted into series of products that are 100% original, made in Australia and individually numbered. Jump onto NVSG and grab yourself a part of history!

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Photos by Ben and NVSG