Smorgasburg - Brooklyn

Weekends in Brooklyn, New York - you’re in for an amazing treat. We suggest you don’t eat all week and try everything you can fit in ya gob at the Brooklyn Smorgasburg.

Jump on a ferry from Manhattan Island and head across to the Brooklyn for a delightful day full of eating, drinking and exploring. From pulled pork buns to buttermilk fried chicken (the buffalo sauce makes your mouth look like it had a fight with a can of fake tan), watermelon juice to refresh the palette then try an ice-cream sandwich and then when you’re feeling guilty jump on the conveniently located artificial Soccer turf and have a game overlooking the Manhattan skyline. If you can't fit in the earl grey donut it is essential you take it home for those 1am cravings. By this stage I'm sure you’ll feel fuller than a centipede's sock drawer and a taxi is the only reasonable decision but push through and take a stroll over the iconic Brooklyn Bridge and enjoy the view, oh and the burning calories!


Smorgasburg Brooklyn
Sunday 11am-6pm 
Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5


Video by Monica Bestek