A Workout For Your Lunch Break


One of the biggest things that I struggle with in keeping fit is finding the time to fit working out in.

A lot of people will respond with “you just have to make the time” and yes, while I think this is a valid argument the truth is there are just those days when you only have 20 minutes or you can’t make it to the gym or it’s raining and you can’t go for your run.


BUT this isn’t an excuse not to train.

No, no, no… far from it.

All it means is you need to get a little creative to work around your restrictions. For me, there’s some days where the only free time I have is a 30 minute lunch break which is perfect because it's enough time to work up a sweat, get out in the sun and get moving.

Training at lunch is a great way to get out of the office, take time to focus on yourself and forget about what’s happening in the office for the next little while.

I love working out in my lunch break because you have to be there anyway and you're sort of getting paid to workout right :P well that’s how I like to think about it!!

Here’s a quick 20min workout I did, that you can do in your lunch break, at home inside or literally anywhere else you can think of that has something to step-up onto.

5 rounds of each exercise back to back:

20 x Lunges
20 x Single Leg Step Ups
20 x Jumping Squats

3 rounds of:

1min Plank (1min is hard so if you don’t do planks often, do it as long as you can)
10 x Leg Raises 

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Get Motivated!


Images: Visual Optimism