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Bonjour, baby faced and sleep deprived. Mind the bags under my eyes. After spending two nights in Singapore sleeping on pillows longer then me, I'm confused about the pillows in Europe. Square and floppy.. I don't get it?  Any Answers? 

Moving on from pillow talk, I have a few more weeks in France and I am super excited - wine, cheese... more wine and cheese and oh give me a few croissants au chocolat. 

At the moment I'm currently in Beaune and it's absolutely amazing. The town is beautiful. We arrived on Sunday at around 7pm (even though it felt like 2pm in the afternoon because it was still so bright) and for some reason I thought finding a taxi would be simple. After realising that a taxi was not an option, I decided it would be a great idea to lug two 20kg suit cases, a backpack and two HEAVEY overnight bags through the old city on cobble stones for about 1.2km - At least I know that my money was well spent on my suitcase... wheels still intact :) 

Anyway gotta go ride a bike, the 1ooo year old Chateau De Meursault is calling. 

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Wearing: ASOS embossed leather backpack | ASOS denim skirt | Bassike cutaway tank  | Witchery Loafers | Tony Bianco sunglasses 


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