Why I Love Exercising

The reason I love to get my body moving is because WITHOUT a doubt I always feel absolutely amazing afterwards. 

I love the challenge

I love the head space I get into - How all my concentration goes into just getting it done.

It changes my focus… if I’m extremely stressed or anxious it relaxes me and puts me back into a positive place. 

If I’m feeling tired or lazy I’ll almost always go for a short run or a walk just to clear my head and make sure I've gotten my body moving that day. 

5 reasons you should move everyday

1. You will be less stressed

2. You will feel amazing

3. You will be happier

4. You will sleep better

5. You will have more energy


Here are 5 posts to inspire you to get your body moving

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SWEAT. MOVE. SMILE #TheHarperMovement


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