That Workout Feeling

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Workout Buddies! Are you ready? It's spring downunder which means there’s only 3 months before summer hits us Aussies and the beach is calling!

I know how hard it’s to workout during winter. Trust me, I know the feeling not wanting to get out from under that snuggly doona but sometimes you just have to get your shit together and get out and get moving! (this applies to anyone in the world :P)

Here are 3 tips to keep you pushing through;

Set Goals

Yes, yes, I know - you’ve heard it before. BUT, just because you know something doesn't mean you take advantage of it and are using it. There’s a reason everyone talks about goals: because they work! Before you start think about what you really want out of working out. Do you want to feel better, be happier, feel more confident with your body or run a race. Once you know what you want to achieve it will become so much easier to get going and stick to it!

Making a goal is not enough… You still need to:

Get it Done

Goal setting is great but unless it is followed by action in the direction towards your desired outcome, you’re not going to achieve it. I know it sounds cliche but seriously, “Just Do It”!

A good tip is to not think about it too much, don’t psych yourself out of getting the work done. Just start and worry about how hard it’s going to be later (before you know if you’re either done or at least enjoying it). Get dressed, get yourself to the gym and smash a workout! You will feel amazing once you are done :)

And don't forget that after workout feeling, it's pretty fricken amazing (If you know what I mean :P).

There’s a reason exercise is prescribed to people suffering with depression. When you exercise endorphins are released that can help reduce the feeling of pain and increase positive feelings. Ever heard of people going on about their “running high”?

The more you feel this “high” after (and even during training) the more addicted you become and one day you’ll find yourself craving exercise (not hamburgers and choccy) and making time to train will be a pleasure.

Bonus tip.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t feel “high” after your first few sessions, you don’t experience a notable change or you’re the unfittest in the room. Change takes time and just like anything you need to be consistent. Take 1 step each day towards your goal and celebrate the fact that you ticked it off each day.

Mentally associate the end of a training session with feeling good, put a smile on your face (even if you’re feeling dead) and pat yourself on the back. If you’re the unfittest in the room well, you might actually be in the right room. Use it as motivation to get better and know that if you take it one day at a time soon someone else will be the unfittest in the room.

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